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The Caregiver Credit Campaign recognizes the importance and value of unpaid and under-paid care work inside and outside the home.


If caregivers take time off paid work, remain out of the marketplace, or leave a paying job it costs. Just as it costs to hire or pay an alternative such as daycare.

Caregiving is more than a labor of love. Without it, hundreds of billions of government dollars would be spent on alternatives like institutions.

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The Caregiver Credit Campaign urges support for all who give care to everyone who needs it, in families of blood or choice including:
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Taking responsibility for a disabled, ailing, or dying friend, relative, partner or spouse
  • Raising children



Caregiver Credit Campaign      POB 2057 Grand Central Station           New York, NY 10163

Phone: (212) 755 5082 or (917)-545-8633           email@caregivercredit.org