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Caregiving is more than a labor of love. Whether done by a mother or father, son, daughter or any other responsible loved one, whoever shoulders the caregiving responsabilities has to choose between time off paid work, remaining out of the job market, or leaving a paying job; it is a matter of dollars and cents. If an alternative such as a daycare center for children with or without disabilities, nursing home for frail elderly parents or relatives, or paying for home care assistance for an ailing friend or spouse is required, it also costs.

To this end, we call for a Caregivers Tax Credit that:

Covers Care of All Children and Adults below current income maximums of $110,000 for two-parent families and $75,000, single.

Is fully refundable - those who don't owe taxes get the balance in a check.

Covers care of frail, disabled, or ailing adults who need it.

Lets caregivers choose by covering caregivers working in the home & out.

Increases over time to more closely resemble actual costs of giving care.



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