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Social Agenda

…Is a Women's Think Tank and Advocacy Group for people who want a more just and user friendly society in the new millennium. We focus on a range of issues - the value of caregiving, comparable worth, alternative tax policy, and how to realize more human-centered lives. We place a high premium on resource distribution that successfully supports a robust, sustainable economy and all who live in it.

The distribution of essentials for survival is not optional for societies, but a prerequisite to their very existence. The question is how to do it justly.


Income inequity widens the gap between rich and poor people, exacerbates racial tension, intensifies impoverishment of female families, and functions as a curb on democratic participation. It must be addressed not only as a matter of justice but because rampant ecological degradation caused by unbridled development will abate only when people have alternatives to poverty absent ever more employment.

Neglecting the issue of distribution is increasingly harmful to all,destabilizing to society and ecologically destructive. Social Agenda is committed to working with others to turn these trends around.

Social Agenda sponsors the Caregiver Credit Campaign.



Caregiver Credit Campaign      POB 2057 Grand Central Station           New York, NY 10163

Phone: (212) 755 5082 or (917)-545-8633           email@caregivercredit.org