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Our Strategy
  • Convert the Child Tax Credit to a Caregiver Tax Credit to cover care of adults and children: anyone who gives care to everyone who needs it in families of blood or choice.

  • Make the Credit fully Refundable so those who don't owe taxes receive it in a check.

  • Keep the credit "Mommy Neutral" -- retain the provision that mothers, fathers or others who give care in the home as well as those who are employed outside but take primary responsibility for another, get it.

  • Increase the Value of the Credit so it more closely resembles the actual cost of giving care.

Other Elements:

Limited Bureaucracy: Because this benefit would be self-declaring through tax returns like any other tax benefit, it requires minimal bureaucracy.

Federal, State, and Local Credits: This form of credit is winnable at any and every level of government, separately.

Effectively Self-Funding for 3 reasons:

  1. The US Treasury would save hundreds of billions of dollars each year if only half those in need of care were able to remain outside of institutions for a time.

  2. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, etc.: Where institutionalization is unavoidable, caregivers improve efficiency of service delivery.

  3. Prescriptions - Making certain that ailing patients take medications when and how they should reduces unnecessary health care costs.

A Caregiver Credit establishes Common Ground, not adversarial relationships among competing political interests.



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